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Holistic Child Development – 5 Benefits of Performing Arts

Performing Arts are a fun and engaging way to boost some critical skills in young children. Different performing arts are related to different human senses, and physical capabilities – as such, participating in these arts can bring a host of motor, sensory and physical benefits to young children. Moreover, performing arts depict themes and situations from the everyday human condition. This way, they can help build crucial life skills such as emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence.

Here are 5 amazing ways that enrolling your child in a performing art class will boost his or her development:

  1. Communication and Concentration:

Many performing arts are based on shared meaning and social interaction. Activities like drama, pantomime, and physical theatre are essentially communicative exercises. They can help develop crucial communication skills in your budding child. Moreover, they not only hone the traditional verbal communication abilities but also some of the subtle ones such as body language and gestures. These skills are finding increased utility in the corporate world, especially for leaders who want to influence their audience.

Drama is an activity that needs you to be attentive at all times. The crux of good stage acting is a timely reaction to your co-actors dialogues and actions.

This can develop concentration skills in your child, which can roll over and prove beneficial in all his activities, including academics.

  1. Emotional Intelligence:

The essence of all art is creative expression. Emotion is the currency of artistic activity. By participating in performing arts, your child gets exposed to a huge range of human emotions. He can experience and explore these feelings in a safe environment in this manner.

Early emotional awareness and management have proven to lead to a stable and balanced emotional life in adulthood. This can equip the child to bravely face the many trials and tribulations that adult life will throw at him. He will develop life-critical resilience skills.

  1. Social Skills:

Many performing arts are group activities. Even solo acts such as pantomime require the artist to connect and communicate with his audience. Moreover, most of the themes and stories explored in performing arts are inspired by some of the pressing contemporary social issues.

This way, performing arts can boost your child’s social intelligence and knowledge significantly. He will get to know about various social phenomena without risking too much social injury in the safe staged environment of a drama class.

  1. Self Confidence:

Expressing yourself freely in front of hundreds of viewers and listeners can help the young child overcome his early natural inhibitions. He can become confident of presenting himself well before an audience. He will also score extra brownie points by improving public speaking skills through these activities.

  1. Stress Bursting and Relaxation:

At the end of the day, all artistic endeavours are aimed at bringing joy into our lives. They are per so not driven by commercial or scientific motivations. The main goal is providing much-need relief from the challenges and stress of everyday life. The light and humorous play with which performing arts approach some of the serious socio-political issues can ease up the tensions around these emotionally surcharged matters.

Performing arts are a wonderful activity to add to your child’s daily routine. These activities can enable him to learn some valuable life skills while having fun along the way. Just the perfect recipe to let him enjoy the best of both worlds!