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Developing Critical Thinking Skills By Learning Chess

There are many things outside of the school that you can do for your children or inspire them to partake in that would help them develop their critical or analytical thinking skills. Playing chess is one of these things. You can enrol your child in a chess academy in east DelhiLearning chess is beneficial for your child as it develops the following skills.

  • Problem-solving

Chess, in its most basic shape, is equivalent to a big puzzle. Chess teaches different ways to solve problems on the move as they progress and begin playing timed games. A study conducted on school children showed that students who enrolled in chess training for a week increased their problem-solving abilities dramatically.

  • Abstract reasoning

Chess benefits learners in strengthening their abstract thinking abilities by helping them learn to acknowledge game patterns in the game and create techniques based on those patterns. Abstract thinking skills complement problem-solving, making them two of the most useful skills that your child can learn from the chess coaching classes in east Delhi.

  • Coping with pressure

Few sports have as many possibilities as chess to stay calm and composed under pressure. When children play games of timed moves, they must weigh their current situation in the match twice to decide the next possible move in time. A child would be able to make rational and thoughtful decisions while under pressure in real-life situations if he/she strive to remain cool while considering different choices.

  • Patience

Chess games usually end in 40 moves until one player appears to win over the other. Any of these actions must be meticulously measured, prepared, and carried out. The ethic of patience is instilled in children as a result of this meticulous calculation.

  • Creative thinking

A chess player must develop creative thinking skills to win. In each game, there is a need to envision what happens with any potential move on the board and then rapidly come up with new ideas on the fly. The best chess course in east Delhi will develop creative thinking skills in your child that will make him/her a stronger problem solver in real-life.

  • Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking skills of a student enhance as they learn to play chess and incorporate all of the skills mentioned above. They learn to be careful before the right moment to make a major leap and learn that any failure is only a chance to do better the next time. The most critical thing that students understand is how to create and implement a plan.

  • Developing sportsmen spirit

Chess is an excellent way to learn losing gracefully and winning graciously. Losing sports, according to research, are beneficial for children because they teach them empathy and how to deal with disappointment. By its very essence, chess helps children participate in the highs and downs of winning and losing with their peers.

Losing chess game allows children to learn from their mistakes and to empathize with their friends in similar circumstances. Winning teaches children the value of hard work and how it pays off in the end.


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